Working at Gloucester Archives

A typical session

By Maggie Drake

Various people, but in particular, Iris Capps, having been working in the premises of Gloucestershire Archives for about a year, where we have read through the vast amounts of material stored there, sifting through what we consider to be relevant, important and interesting, paraphrasing the information and entering it on the Stroudwater Navigation web-site. The documents and records we have read, date from the 1730's, and start with leather-bound tomes of hand-written Minutes of meetings, correspondence and financial records. We have continued this process right through hundreds of documents, and are now working on those related to the 20th. century and the computerised age!

The work has revealed and unravelled hoardes of fascinating information, charting how the canals came into being, and how they affected the people, businesses and history of the Stroud area. 

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