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Nutshell Bridge

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Resource bundle: Stonehouse


Investigations related to Stonehouse Bundle -


  • List the jobs of the people living by the canal in Victorian Times. Are they similar or different to jobs people do today along the canal?


  • Look at the map of Cloth mills in the Stonehouse area. Is there a link between the jobs and the mills?


  • Look at the tonnage book entry. Why did so much coal land at Stonehouse?


  • What is the link between the canal and the mills? Do you think all the landowners were happy to have a canal cut through their land?


  • What other cargoes came to Stonehouse wharf?


  • Map the places in the region from where the cargoes came.


  • How else was the canal used? ( Use Slater’s directory)


  • How did the canal affect the town’s business? ( Use directories)


  • The directories are many years apart in age. How had the town changed in that time?


  • Look at the ‘trows’. Where were a lot of them built? Why did they need sails? How did they get under bridges?


  • What effect did the railways coming to Stonehouse have on the canal?


  • What effect do you think the restoration of the canal will have on Stonehouse in the future?


The resources bundle is in the form of a .pdf which your may wish to download and print.

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