Longney School French Day

By Ellise Miles

At Longney School each year we learn about a focus country. So far we have had Germany, Jamaica, Wales, Japan and France. This year on 27th of November we will have an Australia day. Which you might have read in the local newspaper. I will tell you what we did on the most recent country, France. We decided to dress up in the colours of the French flag blue, white and red. That meant you could paint the colours or the flag on your body. A few weeks before the France day Catherine's (our drama teacher) brother and sister James and Lucy came and gave us a talk on France because they had lived there for a while. They even brought us some French food!

On the actual France day we had Mrs Kirby (our French teacher) come in because she had organised the whole day. First we went onto the maze to play bowls. What you do is there's a white ball and you roughly 7 to 8 feet away. The aim of the game is to try and get your ball as close to the white ball as possible and whoever won out of each group was in the championship. Then after break we did a French quiz in the hall. They asked you questions like, what is the capital of France?. Or what is the colour of the French flag? While people did that, we did French crosswords. After lunch we played some French cricket, which is a bit more difficult. Because what we had to do is you hold the bat close to your thigh then a bowler will throw the ball from front then if you hit it to any direction then the first bowler who gets it has to throw at the batter from the same distance and direction as they caught it from. While some were playing cricket, another group were in the hall serving French food to a class. We all enjoyed the day very much.

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