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I was a trainee at the Vindi in early 1951 prior to becoming a Merchant Seaman. The pictures here are the best I have seen of Mrs: Dalrymple the renovated figurhead of the Vindicatrix. Also the pictures of the old Ship herself are very clear and different angles to others I have seen. I feel sure you are aware of the history of the Vindi so wont bother to reiterate the already known. However, do you know that this training ship was actually a torture chamber. A much needed implement that helped to turn young boys in to young men with enough skills to go to sea as sailors and then to start learning how to be seamen. It was not an easy job at first, especially if the lad was prone to be seasick. Many of us were so, but most of us persevered and overcame the challenge. Congrats on the pictures of both old Girls, and it is a pity that the ship herself was not preserved as a monument to all the young lives that were lost from the trainees that went to sea from her decks into WW11 and didn't even survive their first trip. Jack Secker

By Jack Secker
On 06/05/2011

David Hitchings, born Saul,1944. Attended SAUL school. Lived in Saul until 15 years of age Pre-seagoing training on Vindicatrix winter 1959-1960 Onboard Vindicatrix night of Severn Bridge disaster Sailed on first voyage on Regent Eagle to West Indies on Christmas Day 1960 deckboy Obtained Second Mates Foreign Going Certificate 1966 

By David Hitchins
On 24/04/2014

I'm looking for a photograph of my husband who will be 70 this month (April 2015).  He did his training in Sharpness 1959-1960 - Alex McMullan, does anyone have a photo or memories please

By Monica McMullan
On 05/04/2015

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