Creating Your Own Pages - How to build your own entry in the archive


By Iris Capps

How to build an entry in the archive
  1. First you will need to Register.  Once you have done this, each time you return to your part of the site, all you will need to do is Login.
  2. Take any photographs and place them in a folder on your computer.
  3. Next type up any text you want to use with your photographs and save the file in the same folder on your computer.
Build your page
  1. Login
  2. Click Edit this site
  3. Click Add a page
  4. Type the main heading and sub heading for your page
  5. Click Add some words
  6. Open your document file, copy the text then paste it into the file
  7. Click Next add some pictures
  8. Click Browse, find the folder containing your photographs, select the first one you want to use and click Open
  9. Click download
  10. When the picture has been downloaded, click it to make it appear on the left hand side of the page, then enter the title.  This may be quite lengthy and detailed.  Then put in the name of the person who took the photo or who donated it.
  11. Click Done
  12. Continue until all entries have been made.
  13. Click Preview
  14. Then click Publish
The Editor

Your page will be checked by one of the website's Editors and then published on-line.  You will receive an email to let you know it has been entered on the to the website.

We look forward to receiving your entries.

This page was added by Iris Capps on 21/06/2009.

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