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By Judy Newman

Kings Stanley Gloucestershire




Anthony Keck was the architect appointed to design the Double Lock at Ryeford.  The following is an extract from an article from a Biography of English Architects describing his other achievements. The full article can be found at


Anthony Keck, a mason/architect had a busy practice which extended from his workshops at Kings Stanley in Gloucestershire through Worcestershire and Herefordshire and into South Wales.

Keck was born about 1726. His birthplace is as yet unknown. He married Mary Palmer, a local girl, in Lugwardine ,Herefordshire, by special licence in 1761. They settled in Kings Stanley and had two children

Nicholas Kingsley, writing in Country Life (Oct 1988) states that it would not be an overstatement to say that Keck was, from 1770-1790, the leading architect in the three counties of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. He also says that perhaps the last house (built by John Paul Paul) which Keck designed was Highgrove, near Tetbury and now the home of the Prince of Wales. It is possible that some of the decorative elements in Keck houses were ‘mass produced’ in his yard at Kings Stanley and he is thought to have employed local men and sometimes advertised for "masons used to the best work".

Anthony Keck died in 1797 age 70 and is buried at St Georges Church, Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire. There is a memorial to his memory in the church.


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