My Swimming Gala

Saturday, 1st November 2009

By Roland Foster

It was a windy day and the day of my swimming gala. The gala started at 4:00 pm at Dursley swimming pool. When I got there all the swimmers had to sit down and wait for their turn. It was the little swimmers turn first. I was against 3 other swimmers's. We got ready to race. Beeeeeeeeeeep the whistle was blown. We dived in and started swimming front crawl. I took the lead and WON! We got out the pool and had a five-minute break. Then we had Breaststroke. Beeeeeeeeep the whistle was blown again so we dived in the pool and started swimming and I WON again. Then we had backstroke and I won. Then it was the presentation and I got 3 certificates and then went home.

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