Mr Leslie Pugh

Mr Les Pugh was born in Whitminster in 1915. He moved with his family to Eastington and then to Chipman's Platt, near the Westfield Bridge in 1925. He spent his working life as a technical manager with Listers Iron foundry and was accepted for many years as an Industrial Tutor to undergraduates at Bath University. He has acquired a number of professional qualifications, and still lives, at the age of 93 in Bridgend, Stonehouse, where he writes regularly for local newspapers and other publications.

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Elvers were plentiful
Stories of catching elvers and the wind driven water pumps
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Lifesavers make a splash
Learning to swim on the canal
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Secrets of the lost Waterway
Les's tales of a forgotten canal
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The early life of Les Pugh
A personal reminiscence
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Those were the days.
Life around the canals and catching and cooking eels.
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Waterway to Travel
Bus services around the Canal