Purton is a village on the banks of the River Severn and has the Gloucester Sharpness Canal running through.

It is well-known because of the hulks of ships lying in the bank of the Severn.  These were put in place in order to prevent the bank of the River being eroded and breaking through the bank of the canal.

Page link: An Open Meeting
An Open Meeting
Debate: The Future of the Purton Hulks
Page link: Breaking News
Breaking News
Ministerial visit to historic Purton site
Page link: Camping in Purton
Camping in Purton
Memories of the 1960s
Page link: Graham Farr photographic collection
Graham Farr photographic collection
Schooners, trows, lighters, coasters, paddle steamers and more!
Page link: Plans Of Trows And Other Vessels
Plans Of Trows And Other Vessels
Donated by Paul Barnett
Page link: Purton through the years
Purton through the years
Photograps of Purton residents
Page link: Purton Today
Purton Today
A present day 'Google' map of the area.
Page link: Saul Vessels
Saul Vessels
An archive of locally built vessels.
Page link: View up the Severn from Sharpness
View up the Severn from Sharpness
Taken from a Piper warrior plane in May 2009
Category link: Childhood memories of Purton
Childhood memories of Purton
Memories of childhood visits
Category link: The Hulks
The Hulks
Maritime graveyard on the Banks of the River Severn, close to the Gloucester and Berkeley Ship Canal
Category link: The Severn Railway Bridge
The Severn Railway Bridge
A description of this catastrophe in 1960