The parish of Whitminster lies 7 miles south west of Gloucester and is on the route of the Stroudwater Navigation.  Its neighbour, Wheatenhurst was formerly the name of both parishes.  The River Frome's course was altered to provide for Wheatenhurst and Fromebridge Mills, both mentioned in 1086, and the division of the Frome below Wheatenhurst Mill may have been altered, if not made to provide for the needs of Framilode Mills, which gave cause for disputes.  In the 1740's part of the Frome was straightened and fitted with works to enable pleasure boats from Whitminster House to reach the Severn, an improvement rendered superfluous by the building alongside the Frome of the Stroudwater Canal opened in 1779 and closed in 1954.  In 1833 the use of water from the Frome to fill the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal, opened in 1827 and cutting across the parish led to a violent dispute.

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Memories of farming at Packthorne Farm
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Recollections of Richard Merrett.
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The Stroudwater Navigation at Whitminster
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