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Cotswold Canals Knowledge (CCK) is a hub for information about the Cotswold Canals. The website is interactive and ongoing. We welcome contributions from your current, canal related work and also additions to the community archive.

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Page link: Invertebrates in Canals
Invertebrates in Canals
And what they can tell us about the health of the canal
Category link: Section 1
Section 1
Key Historical Facts
Category link: Section 2
Section 2
Two signs and Staying safe near water
Category link: Section 3
Section 3
The early development of Stroud from the 1600s
Category link: Section 4
Section 4
The planning of the canal
Category link: Section 5
Section 5
Building the Canal
Category link: Section 6
Section 6
How the canal was used
Category link: Section 7
Section 7
From 1970 - the future
Category link: Section 8
Section 8
Category link: Walking with Schools
Walking with Schools
Routes and resources